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there's a full marathon training plan on the horizon so i'm gonna warm up for a full marathon by doing another half marathon this spring

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hello, and welcome to the anime megathreads megathread

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hello! i'm cyrene savage, and this is a website!

mostly i shitpost, but sometimes i talk about things that are interesting to me at the moment, like or / especially magic the gathering and such. sometime's i'll also post quotes from or thoughts about books i'm reading.

this account is 18+! what i mean by that is that some of my shitposts will contain references to human anatomy, bodily fluids, or sexual acts and they may be un-cwed. i also am over 18, and wish to interact mostly with other adults. sorry kids, but this isn't the account for you.

my account is locked. this is mostly so i can vet new followers before they come in, and also so i can keep bots from following me as well, since most don't honor the tag.

that's about all you need to know about me that wouldn't go into my bio anyway tbh

Mutual aid request 

$150/$300. If I can get the rest of the way I can make the minimum payment on the credit card I accidentally overdrafted due to bank mishaps. Thank you all for helping me in this transition period!
Venmo: @robertwcarlisle
Cashapp: $rwcarlisle

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deep throating a garden hose so I can twist it to point up and full blast it, purging my entire nasal cavity in a horrific surge of water that launches out my nose and whips my head back with enough force to launch me, destroying allergies once and for all

just occurred to me that a tank of gas right now is 2 2/3 hours of my labor, since its been taking about 40 bux to fill up

forcibly ejected from surgery after asking the nurse to trust me because i'm a doctor, then revealing my doctorate was in history, not medicine

issuing correction on a previous post of mine, regarding the angels. you do not, under any circumstances, "gotta hand it to them"

eventually i'm going to become the lonely old* woman whose only companion is a cat. i can feel it

*early thirties

five nights at freddy's but freddy fazbear is an italian guy called "frederico fazbear" instead

[wife guy voice] kinda fucked up i can't be with right now

if i were trying to find so called "lost movies" to watch, i would simply look for them on lime wire

jesus christ, the giants are slaughtering the mets

#fediblock d-fens dot systems, just a wasteland of unmoderated bullshit; the admin follows 11 people and they're all from disreputable instances

just occurred to me that a tank of gas right now is 2 2/3 hours of my labor, since its been taking about 40 bux to fill up

On some level I empathize. "If binary genders aren't inherent or biological, then how do I know I'm really a boy?" It can be a scary place to be. But your answer should be "because I say I am" or "because I feel like one" and not "my brain chemicals at birth indicated I am Really a man"

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