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hello, and welcome to the anime megathreads megathread

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hello! i'm cyrene savage, and this is a website!

mostly i shitpost, but sometimes i talk about things that are interesting to me at the moment, like or / especially magic the gathering and such. sometime's i'll also post quotes from or thoughts about books i'm reading.

this account is 18+! what i mean by that is that some of my shitposts will contain references to human anatomy, bodily fluids, or sexual acts and they may be un-cwed. i also am over 18, and wish to interact mostly with other adults. sorry kids, but this isn't the account for you.

my account is locked. this is mostly so i can vet new followers before they come in, and also so i can keep bots from following me as well, since most don't honor the tag.

that's about all you need to know about me that wouldn't go into my bio anyway tbh

fucking zoomers, i was doing the "tide challenge" well before they ate laundry detergent

[rorscharch voice] and the world will shout "delete this"
and i'll whisper..


i don't touch the emperor or the empress, as anti-imperialism is tankie

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as an anarchist, every time i get a new tarot deck, the first thing i do is remove all the court cards and behead them with a pair of scissors

not wanting to participate in capitalism (a system that kills and starves and harms people daily) is not only domestic extremism, but also something that needs to be combated

Me: So yeah I posted my hog then esvrld subtooted me about it but its fine because we defederated from xer monads alt after the snouts drama.
The priest in the confession booth: what?

Keith Davis Jr was unjustly accused of shooting a cop after the Baltimore uprising of 15 and as a favor to the cop union, the city's new "progressive" DA Marylin Mosby (democrat rising star) decided to charge Davis with everything she could, despite eye witness testimony confirming his innocence. He remains locked up to this day

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There was an officer of the Baltimore PD who was going to testify against a fellow officer in professing the innocence of Keith Davis Jr, and the night before he was set to appear before the grand jury he was assigned to night patrol with a completely new partner and on a routine call wound up shot in the back of the head and the partner didn't see who did it.

logging on to twitch do television in order to stream myself buying and selling cryptocurrencies on the open market. i make more in donations than i do in crypto, and still manage to end up in the red

just learned Twitch tv has a Crypto category I once felt obligated to inform my neighborhood dealer that the white couple with the bad dreds he'd just sold to had driven off in a car with a FOP bumper sticker. My sense of community service overcoming my social anxiety for once!

prayer circle for José and his breakup with his guts @geesehoward hope it goes smoothly king

welcome to your least favourite game show, Unfamiliar Neopronouns Or Transphobic Joke?

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