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hello! i'm cyrene savage, and this is a website!

mostly i shitpost, but sometimes i talk about things that are interesting to me at the moment, like or / especially magic the gathering and such. sometime's i'll also post quotes from or thoughts about books i'm reading.

this account is 18+! what i mean by that is that some of my shitposts will contain references to human anatomy, bodily fluids, or sexual acts and they may be un-cwed. i also am over 18, and wish to interact mostly with other adults. sorry kids, but this isn't the account for you.

my account is locked. this is mostly so i can vet new followers before they come in, and also so i can keep bots from following me as well, since most don't honor the tag.

that's about all you need to know about me that wouldn't go into my bio anyway tbh

Dad's only get gifts that are books that teach you every way to make ham called shit like the HAMasutra

(on the phone with my body double) yeah, a no loads refused cum dump event. exactly. yeah, you only have to look a little bit like me. everyone i have beef with is gonna be there. $500 usd? Cash only? yeah. now just before we finalize, how many stds did you have again?

Showering aka rolling off the bed and then continuing to roll across the house until I flop my way into the tub and then sit there fully clothed

Gay Agenda items for today:
- kiss girls
- be trans

fishing but you attach a go pro to the hook instead and take videos of cool fish

if i was frodo i would simply never put the ring on and learn krav magra to kick the ringwraiths’ asses. also i’d have a hot elven babe for a sidekick instead of that beta samwise

i don't understand why mr incredible has soul crushing ennui. if i had superpowers i'd be jazzed tbh

why is paul such a whiny baby about being muad'dib. if i was the kwisatz haderach i bet all the fremen would love me & it would not trouble me at all

Shinji is such a wimp. If I was forced by my evil dad to climb inside my robot mom and fight indescribable cosmic horrors, I'd like it! It would be awesome, and not profoundly traumatic. Everyone would love me, too!

I think what gets me the most is that the fascist thinks that being a hand-picked child soldier should make the other children love Shinji and want to be his friend. That just speaks volumes about him in an inadvertent and embarrassing way.

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