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hello! i'm cyrene savage, and this is a website!

mostly i shitpost, but sometimes i talk about things that are interesting to me at the moment, like or / especially magic the gathering and such. sometime's i'll also post quotes from or thoughts about books i'm reading.

this account is 18+! what i mean by that is that some of my shitposts will contain references to human anatomy, bodily fluids, or sexual acts and they may be un-cwed. i also am over 18, and wish to interact mostly with other adults. sorry kids, but this isn't the account for you.

my account is locked. this is mostly so i can vet new followers before they come in, and also so i can keep bots from following me as well, since most don't honor the tag.

that's about all you need to know about me that wouldn't go into my bio anyway tbh

it's always a shock when i watch an episode of uk kitchen nightmares after watching the us version

forcibly ejected from the halloween party for dressing my dick up as a mole and myself up as a pile of dirt

thinking of instigating a conflict between 2 instances for my own sick entertainment

Everyone knows Beto o Rourke was the folk punk candidate

on the next episode of mastodon: night crew has a spat over the better porn game. meanwhile, the tech side of mastodon panics when apple buys out a major media company

there are three doors. each with potentially the same prize money behind them. there is another contestant doing the same wager as you, but you can't see them or communicate with them. if you both pick different doors, neither of you gets the money. if you pick the same door, you both get the money. after picking your door, the host opens one of the doors to reveal that there was no prize money behind that one, showing that it was a door that wasn't picked by your partner. now you have a few possible outcomes: if neither of you switch and you picked the same door, you both get the money. but if one of you switches and the other stays, neither of you may get the money if you picked different doors. if both of you switch it's equally likely you'lll get the money or no money at all. do you switch or stay?

[horny person voice] which pokemon is the twink pokemon

going all crustpunk on my ass hole by refusing to wipe

smegma is just crustpunk for your dick, hope this offends

i want that girl so bad, she's molten hot, bro...

sies, that's a volcano you're pointing at

i know, bro

those damn gender terrorists are transing my gender!

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