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it's been a while since my last introduction post, and i figure the new wave would be a good time to re-up my introduction post

i'm cyrene savage, i've been on the fediverse for a few years now, opening my first account in early 2018, and eventually spinning up my own instance a couple years ago. i've been active the whole time on the fediverse, with mains on, then, and finally this instance.

most of my content is shitposting, especially dick jokes. if you're uncomfortable with un-cwed mentions of genitals or other sex jokes, be aware there's a lot of that here. i also do not accept follow requests from minors primarily for this reason. should i post pictures containing nudity, those will be cwed. sometimes i post about media or games i'm interested in at the moment, including the books i'm reading. occasionally i'll post about the news or politics, generally also un-cwed. i am a communist, and generally if i post analysis i intend for it to be through a marxist or communistic lens.

i also enjoy cooking and beer, generally photos of food will be cwed but talking about food won't be. alcohol and other drugs will always be cwed.

follow requests are welcome but i don't accept them immediately. usually i wait a while and go through requests in batches. i usually only interact with a core group of people, so do not expect a follow request will be responded to at all. there's a small amount of additional information in my bio, but otherwise i prefer people to get to know me by interacting with me. see you around!

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hello, and welcome to the anime megathreads megathread

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@CyclopsCaveman "selfies at a funeral" vibe, but way ahead of it's time!

I've been seeking disability for 10 years, have advocated for myself tirelessly through ignorance and medical mistreatment, I stood up for what I needed and I'm achieving it. For so long I thought it was hopeless, that I was useless, that I was destined for homelessness and the other cruelties disabled people suffer through. It shouldn't have been so hard to get here and do this, but it was. What a huge accomplishment.

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there is something primally funny to me about Francisco de Zurbarán's The Crucified Christ with a Donor

(image depicts some bleeding)

in america, we no longer say “the french”, but “people with mental illnesses”, and i think that’s beautiful

sanremo 1992: tazenda brings an antiwar song to protest against the war in yugoslavia

sanremo 2023: zelensky is programmed to appear in a pre-recorded zoom call to ask for more weapons

liberals: they're the same picture

this particular lib's intention was to shush anyone who has something to say against the latter because to him it's just about "talking about a controversial topic" during the festival, despite one being about stopping a conflict and the other being a literal head of state seeking to prolong it but hey

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[talking to an fbi agent] i stole a balloon. yeah, on free balloon day

missing my flight due to having several hours long sex with my tsa fwb, who i hook up with specifically to get thru the security line faster

i don't see what people are so upset about with this whole "plastics in the blood" thing. i eat a plastic donut every morning and i'm just fine

[showing up to a cemetery with a harness and a hard hat with a flashlight] ohhhh, you said. mmmmm. okay

thinking about writing a joke about my dick and balls. this been done yet

guy that always stops at stop signs because he heard rolling through is called a "california stop"

oiling up my dick so the kidney stones come out easier

this is what's known as the bad ending to parenthood. momma's don't let their daughters grow up to be fosslords

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