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hello, and welcome to the anime megathreads megathread

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hello! i'm cyrene savage, and this is a website!

mostly i shitpost, but sometimes i talk about things that are interesting to me at the moment, like or / especially magic the gathering and such. sometime's i'll also post quotes from or thoughts about books i'm reading.

this account is 18+! what i mean by that is that some of my shitposts will contain references to human anatomy, bodily fluids, or sexual acts and they may be un-cwed. i also am over 18, and wish to interact mostly with other adults. sorry kids, but this isn't the account for you.

my account is locked. this is mostly so i can vet new followers before they come in, and also so i can keep bots from following me as well, since most don't honor the tag.

that's about all you need to know about me that wouldn't go into my bio anyway tbh

what about me and my feelings? i'm the one being persecuted by people using the 4chan memes on my timeline

@CyclopsCaveman Act three plot twist, somehow the monads are being blamed for the witches being racist.

a wigglytuff continues to screenshot dunk, though this is less dunk more demonstration of the utility of doing such a move 

how interesting that all her posts about mastodon suddenly up and disappeared from tumblr just now

almost as if there was some sort of realization that going full megamind brought to you by dreamworks was.... a bad move?

too bad people still remember how tumblr reblogs work so we get to see that SUPERVILLAINY GOOOOO moment in perpetuity thank you to intrepid on-the-scene reporter ember, of course

also as a fun game: just hit up her tumblr and control+f "sociopath".

now remember how deeply ableist it is to just use that word as OOGA BOOGA SCAREE EEEVUL, and how mental health professionals have largely moved away from the term as it was both inaccurate and seen as a 'damning life sentence' that would deter people from treatment

mirror mirror on the wall, who's the wokest of them all,

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to get philosophical, the real problem here isn't "you want me to be a supervillain".

it's "people are telling you that you need to recognize that you're already being a villain - not a super one. just an ordinary, banal, run of the mill, played-out, tired villain. the sort of villain some folks encounter several dozen times a day. the sort of villain that refuses to confront her own racism, uses her trauma to justify her actions, and decrees that every space must be her space and thus optimized for her comfort instead of, you know, those terrible PoC doing a joke".

there is no way to make this villainy fashionable, noteworthy, or stylish. there is no way to make this villainy interesting or compelling.

it's just there.

the argument is because people want to stop this old role being trotted out for another tired, tired waltz. it's not because they think your rendition uninspired and your cover of the song bland.

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re: in which a wigglytuff does a screenshot dunk about today's white person big mad at monads users for.... existing i guess 

no, karen, nobody wants you to be a supervillain

they just want you to stop calling jewish people antisemitic and deciding all shitposting is fascist

maybe acquaint yourself with the mute button, work thru some of your trauma, confront your own whiteness

you know


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in which a wigglytuff does a screenshot dunk about today's white person big mad at monads users for.... existing i guess 

can we put this one in a frame next to the big supervillain speech of IF YOU ONLY KNEW A MERE MORSEL OF MY CONTEMPT that the former head mod of iirc went off on

on the next episode of mastodon: monads gets heat for an elaborate reënactment of "the producers." meanwhile, the witch side of mastodon stirs up some controversy after someone starts being racist

hmm, just opened a page in the book of history i'd probably have been better off not opening

idk guys, i think this mel brooks guy is a nazi. have you SEEN the producers?

if you get mad about a 4chan meme, the trolls have already won, and they won all the way back in 2003

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i always, always try to understand the person using the meme before i launch into some tirade about how they're automatically a bad person for having the stink of 4chan on them or whatever, because, and this is important, making you suspicious of everyone for being out to get you in some way is part of the trolling. the goal is to get you frothing mad and so the options you have are to ignore it, or to examine the context and meaning of the person using the meme before you get all mad about it

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so when i see 4chan memes outside of 4chan i can't always take them at the value i presume they have. especially not if they're being used in a sincere manner. 4chan thrives on annoying people and making them upset while they're on the website and making them come back for more. the context of 4chan memes is imperative, and fun fact: lots of people take the memes at face value instead of the ironic, trolly way they're meant to be taken. the simulacra value is baked into the memes, when they get popular on the wider internet because people use them regularly instead of to annoy other channers (or even people not on 4chan), that's part of the point. thats what trolling is, intentionally needling people in subtle ways in order to get a rise out of them

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the thing most people miss about 4chan is that making you mad is a part of the culture. like, everything, top to bottom, in the culture built up over the years is based around intentionally needling you with every word you see and every meme you consume. it's about making you mad just to be there. every single post on that website is wallowing in intentional annoyance and hatred. this isn't even built into the website, the people that go there are just repeating the patterns and aesthetics of people that did the same, and the people that did the same before them, and so on

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4chan is the place you go to in order to find out what to be mad about this week, and its usually something a woman, lgbt+ person, a black person, or some combination of those did

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