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Apparently there is an issue surrounding the instance and whether or not they are supportive of pedophilia/pedophilic art. For those not in the know, an instance admin on the fedi reported content of a canon underage character being posted on the instance - a direct violation of the "sexual depictions of children" rule on's about page. [1] The administrator's response was to write it off, claiming the characters "seem to be drawn as phsyically adult," in a private correspondence with whalefall that they posted to their administrative profile. [2, 3, 4] Notice how curator attempts to state a physical appearance rule that is not codified anywhere in their Code of Conduct, as well as uses the threat of shutting down the "passion project" instance in order to demonize whalefall and position artalley as the injured party in this scenario.

Artalley also has a moderator, Dark Shadow M.D. Light. What does Dark Shadow have to say about this incident? The same things curator does. The "rumors" and "false accusations" from "a lightheaded admin" "that thinks everything is loli and nazi, but worse than that, they talk without any proof in their hands." [5]

Artalley would absolutely have let this slide forever and always had whalefall not reported the art to it and made it an issue. One glance at their public timeline while logged out shows that they still federate with pawoo [6], an instance already notorious for, guess what, sexual depiction of minors, even falling underneath the "appearance, not canon age" rule curator set up. Our moderator friend, Dark Shadow, also has a baraag alt, where he advertises YCH underage comissions. [7]


Given the clear conflict of interest, lack of want to curate federation with instances that follow their code of conduct (and thus protect their own users from potentially harmful actors on the fediverse), and dismissiveness of a serious violation of their own code of conduct, it is clear that does not care about sexual depictions of minors being on their instance, and has a vested interest in sweeping incidents like these under the rug and painting people that would challenge their deleterious moderation policies as the aggressors when they clearly present a greater danger to the wider fediverse.

You should defederate from

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almost forgot to loop this thread into

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@CyclopsCaveman this is a great summary of the situation, thank you

i love also that the receipts make it plain for all to see

"there aren't any lolis here! anyway, ignore how i posted about a hashtag loli ych,"

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@esvrld @CyclopsCaveman actually the word nazi came into the discussion cuz the same account i reported for lolicon was also posting fanart of shadman, so

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@SapphicGiraffic @esvrld @CyclopsCaveman that name makes me flinch

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@binchicken @esvrld @CyclopsCaveman it was part of a larger picture titled "all of the ocs of artists who inspired me (2018)"

i had to set my phone down for a minute and close my eyes to make sure i wasn't hallucinating or some shit, but no... angry nazi skeleton surrounded by half-naked waifus :oof:

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@CyclopsCaveman a thing to note on these receipts in particular, since the screenshots don't show it: the darkshadow person that's also on baraag is an artalley moderator
(sorry for the addition a few days later but i figure it's important enough to note)

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@sixthhokage95 can you see the root post from your side? it contains a writeup that mentions this. thank you anyway for your addition!

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@CyclopsCaveman …somehow I had neglected to open the "show more" button. whoops.

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@sixthhokage95 no worries! i know you meant well

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@CyclopsCaveman "a admin did this"

you'd think that someone running an instance would have a little better understanding of how fedi works

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@CyclopsCaveman "it was all this one person's fault that the network collectively made their own decision that i was a piece of shit"

re: You Should Defederate From | CSA/Pedophilia 

@heartles i'm just humble child porn artist 😔 the network of communists and anarchists is just a bunch of reactionary bullies trying to keep me down. this is so sad

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@CyclopsCaveman my running theory is they looked at snouts and thought "if i post reciepts, then elekk will complain and then their instance will shut down" because they didn't understand the reasons why snouts shut down coddling anti-Black behavior 

@CyclopsCaveman Just adding receipts of their response to us regarding some shitty person on their instance who multiple people reported yesterday.

They followed up by DM which we're sharing because we don't see any real need to "protect" this information, it's better everyone knows.


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