looking into my crystal ball and seeing son goku

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picking up where we left off at the start of the fortuneteller baba saga

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weird that dragon balls can't be detected when surrounded by living tissue

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huh, and here i thought fortuneteller baba was gonna be the one with the dragonball, but instead they're just requesting help to find it

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i love all the different versions of makafushigi adventure that play during this series

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yamcha really saw stormclouds and decided to just keep going

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damn, what happened to those five tough guys in front of goku et al

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@CyclopsCaveman I might watch it eventually, it's just that right now it's a lot more convenient for me to read the manga than watch the show

@CyclopsCaveman I'm trying to imagine a version of DragonBall that isn't very horny and I don't think I can

It's weirdly backed into the entire story

@witchfynder_finder i don't think master roshi can really work without his horn-doggedness

@CyclopsCaveman Not even just Master Roshi (tho he is admittedly a large part of it), the whole story is just really obsessed with tits and asses

Except Son-Goku, of course, which is part of why the rest of the story needs to be like that

@witchfynder_finder it really is a big source of gags early on, but thankfully it gets less prevalent over time in the anime

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