starting to think those tool fellows may be trying to convey a spiritual message with their music instead of either being crass or playing the guitar good

disorganized thoughts about a couple tool songs 

hooker with a penis is pretty interesting to me because it also makes a point about parasocial relationships. its a secondary point but its still there

forty-six & two (and a couple other tool songs i think) kind of uses metaphorical language to say something about the spirit that i don't actually have pinned down

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"Maynard's Dick" has a spiritual message 😀

and the spiritual message of "Die Eier von Satan" is obviously


disorganized thoughts about a couple tool songs 


"Right in Two" isn't that hard to suss.

"Repugnant is a creature
who would squander the ability
to lift an eye to heaven, conscious
of their fleeting time here..."

i wish i'd been able to sing that for Vincent Kelly when i was auditioning to get into the Australian Boy's Choir, but that was around 1970.

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