all i can think of when seeing kent is kent state, which is kind of a gruesome thing to think about first to be tbh

@celesteh @goat sounds like the not-quite-copyright-infringing version of the garden of eden

@CyclopsCaveman @goat

It's got the UK's only high speed train. And, uh, England's European University. And a historic dockyard. Which is in an area with a lot of poverty, tbf. Chatham is slightly shocking. One time, on my way home from work, there was a guy just lying with his head in the road who was not in a good way. I had to convince him to move but the pavement was extremely narrow because of a billboard and full of commuters and it was a logistic challenge. Probably my second most memorable Kentish experience.

(The most memorable one was, upon leaving the dockyard, finding myself locked in a council car park with no way out and the university public safety staff telling they couldn't help and hanging up.)

@CyclopsCaveman @goat

(I should note that there have been several policy changes wrt to public safety on the dockyard since I got trapped in the car park and this event is extremely unlikely to recur.)

@wolfie kent state is a university in the states. a really bad thing happened at that university in 1970, thats what i'm thinking of

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