after mardi gras (feb 16) i'll be logging off until easter (apr 4). take care!

@skelltan i did it last year and it was very refreshing, so i'm doing it again

@calculsoberic technically. i'm logging off of all social media, and i'm not carrying my phone with me when i go out

@CyclopsCaveman Good luck...I at least need mine for GPS or I'd be hopelessly lost.

@calculsoberic in the labyrinth that is atlanta? no doubt! lol it's a lot easier to navigate over here tho, i basically know the tri-county area like the back of my hand

@calculsoberic i took three left turns and ended up in marrieta, how did this happen?

@CyclopsCaveman This actually happened to my sister-in-law (she lives out in the boonies and comes to visit us every so often)!

@CyclopsCaveman I felt very bad, but she managed to make it here! We seem to also move in places that delivery drivers have a hard time finding... 😆

@CyclopsCaveman Have a good Lent! (which is a weird thing to say I guess, haha)

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