things i know about colophon:

-some kind of buddhist

@CyclopsCaveman true but I think when most people say they doubt, they mean to say that they might have incorrect beliefs, whereas when I say it it's more like, is this a good label to fit on my practice which is not going to change one way or the other on the basis of someone else's systematizing

@Colophonscrawl i feel like thats the same kind of doubt, just from a diff angle. more often than not i end up asking myself, is what i believe in and the religious practice i do able to be called christianity? to me, and perhaps to many others, "christianity" tends to bring up an image of a specific type of person, belief system, and liturgy, all of which i tend not to do. but the true definition of christianity is much more broad, and i feel like if one person's systematizing were to make someone stop practicing their faith, we wouldn't have quite as many branches of christianity in the first place! perhaps thats not wholly applicable to your situation, but i hope it helps

@Colophonscrawl @CyclopsCaveman We're like this as well, and these days consider ourselves to be some kind of dual-practitioner, where we do meditation and also give thanks to pagan gods on feast days.

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