so apparently no evil foods has laid off their entire production staff and are now moving to a co-manufacturing facility in illinois

for those keeping score at home, no evil has:

-shut down union building efforts
-forced workers to work thru the pandemic
-fired workers without any notice or severance

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all this from a "vegan" food company that coöpts socialist imagery in order to sell their products

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it should not have to be said, but a "vegan" company is not vegan if it mistreats its workers–at all. no evil foods do not make vegan food

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if you want to help the workers affected by this, here's a link to a fundraiser put together by some other ex-employees of no evil foods

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listening to the leaked audio from the layoff meeting at the end of the podcast episode is heartbreaking. fuck no evil foods

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@CyclopsCaveman this is good information to know

and i also feel like i need a moment to lay down and then get god on the line because the dramatic irony for this 'end of capitalism' storyline is becoming really heavyhanded,

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