@CyclopsCaveman if you said something completely different, you wouldn't say that at all

@CyclopsCaveman wealth is just in their genes -> everyone in society on their designated place

@CyclopsCaveman "not one of them is positive" I wonder why that is. I wonder why absolutely no one has any positive experience with these people to influence their opinion


Yeah, racial and ethnic minorities never have to endure hearing ugly bullshit from terrible people. Especially not from rich people. lol. That all went out with the Crusades. πŸ™ƒ

@CyclopsCaveman ah the classic "the rich are like the Jews in Germany" take. A fine vintage

@CyclopsCaveman Wow you say that people who run Ponzi schemes are bad but what if you said that about people who rescued animals instead? Would that be fucked up or what

@CyclopsCaveman personally I am concerned about the way that, um [squints and robotically recites note] society has gaslight itself into normalizing... I cant read that... oh, anti-job creator sentiment. I read that as crater at first, oops. Anyway yes I'm very concerned. It's upsetting.

@CyclopsCaveman "wealth holders" are truly an oppressed class. too bad they could never do anything about it

@t54r4n1 @CyclopsCaveman

Sorry, while I truly would *love* to help the less fortunate, all my liquid assets are currently tied up in Funko Pops.

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