mastodon has somehow managed to fuck up both "making sure the people you want to see your posts see your posts" and "making sure the people you DON'T want to see your posts DON'T". federation is stunningly limited in scope and scalability, and the blocking tools on the fediverse are painfully non-secure, both problems which have been raised and dismissed multiple times over many years now, and all the dipshits that lazily slop out the vapid and myopic "just move instances" """solution""" to this problem are ignoring the multiple times laid bare problem that the fediverse in its current state is fundamentally incapable of allowing communities and individuals to remain safe on a software level. if i were to move from my own instance to it wouldn't rectify that bigoted users can see my posts through instance blocks anyway. it wouldn't rectify the fact that new or self hosted instances have to grapple with reach or being able to afford hosting a mastodon instance (mine costs 20 bux a month!) it wouldn't rectify that people can spin up instances on a dime to continue harassment campaigns at the harassers leisure.

mastodon's problems can't just be fixed with the digital equivalent of telling someone to move to a different town. it takes actual work and building on top of the foundation, work which should have been started years ago. until then, any communities built on the fediverse and mastodon in particular might as well have been built on sand

@CyclopsCaveman dont worry, according to one of the devs, instance suspensions and silences are 100% secure and never have any slip ups or issues occur whatsoever, that's all just misconceptions and lies!

@CyclopsCaveman (to be specific: this was told to me by a admin)

@norikawa @CyclopsCaveman yea I def haven't had dipshits from in my mentions multiple times. Must have been my imagination!

@norikawa @CyclopsCaveman the extra cool part is if you suspend a dipshit instance and they see your post anyway, they can reply to it but you can't even see their reply so you have no way of knowing unless one of their friends from an instance you don't have suspended replies to them

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