when i think about this website, i often wonder how all these square can make a circle

introducing BRONADS



i dont remember which philosopher wrote this but i once read a definition of evil that described it as not merely doing unethical things, but doing them in such a way that it actively enables and encourages others to lower their own moral standards

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it pisses me off a lot that it took this long for trump to get deplatformed. like over the past couple weeks i can literally feel the psychic energy release from nobody knowing what that dipshit thinks

what is a monad?

a monoid in the category of endofunctors!

but enough talk, have at you!

is dio brando a mika, the greatest thread i. the history of the fediverse, locked after 139111 pages of heated debate,

So after Yami loses a game and loses Yugi, he gets REALLY depressed. Then Kaiba finds out and gets RED HOT FUCKING MAD and CALLS Yami to call him a disgrace to card games and how DARE he lose to anyone but him

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