Chuckling to myself as I remember the phrase "intellectual dark web"

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i remain a christian because i can and want to see a christianity that can do better. it may be a fool's errand but if a fool i am, a fool for christ i will be

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instead, one should probably interpret christian law in a way that reads it as trying to get people to love one another, and the teaching and discipline of ours within the law should reflect that. christian teaching, instead of attacking and defaming someone for not following the law, should show love and support, lift people up into heaven, whether or not they are following the law, because to do otherwise would violate it

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so if this christian conception of law from love is to be believed, we can thus extrapolate that interpretations of the law that do not show love to others may be incorrect, as are teachings of the law that do not show love. so by this metric, every christian teaching that is meant to put one in a place of misery and shame, to cast one down to hell for being a sinner, is one that is not necessarily in line with the law

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this (of course) doesn't counteract the Law, but a lot of that law had been fulfilled, which is a term open to interpretation and outside the scope of this thread. but, one of those laws, which jesus himself laid down, is to love one another, which is so vastly important that jesus also says all other laws flow from that one. that is to say: every other law is based on the core concept of loving one another

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the funniest part about christian "you're going to hell and you should be ashamed of yourself" rhetoric is that the whole point of the whole jesus thing was that god loves you so much he's willing to forgive all of your sins and that's a good thing you shpuld be happy and rejoice for

do you think tenshinhan ever adapted the part of the kikoho where it zooms in on the opponent as a sorta magic binoculars

am i imagining things or didn't someone do an italian elon musk bit on here once

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