Dad's only get gifts that are books that teach you every way to make ham called shit like the HAMasutra

(on the phone with my body double) yeah, a no loads refused cum dump event. exactly. yeah, you only have to look a little bit like me. everyone i have beef with is gonna be there. $500 usd? Cash only? yeah. now just before we finalize, how many stds did you have again?

Showering aka rolling off the bed and then continuing to roll across the house until I flop my way into the tub and then sit there fully clothed

Gay Agenda items for today:
- kiss girls
- be trans

fishing but you attach a go pro to the hook instead and take videos of cool fish

if i was frodo i would simply never put the ring on and learn krav magra to kick the ringwraiths’ asses. also i’d have a hot elven babe for a sidekick instead of that beta samwise

i don't understand why mr incredible has soul crushing ennui. if i had superpowers i'd be jazzed tbh

why is paul such a whiny baby about being muad'dib. if i was the kwisatz haderach i bet all the fremen would love me & it would not trouble me at all

some probably fash guy's take on EVA 

@FirstProgenitor they even become friends later and then the anime has a whole sequence explaining shinji's "deal" and why hes a reclusive person with the whole hedgehog's dilemma metaphor. this take is rotten

some probably fash guy's take on EVA 

@FirstProgenitor but... the jock meathead didn't beat up shinji for no reason, he did it because he injured the fuck out of his sister

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