Mika is monarchist because being a vampire is king shit 👑🙏

so which hand is your dom hand and which is your sub

snorting crab salts to get the immunity boosting faster

yeah i'm a monarchist. mon meaning one, and arch meaning rail

it's so funny to me that the fediverse (or at least my feed) has transformed to being almost like 80% ffxiv-related over the last 10 months or so.

i haven't even had to follow anybody to experience so much ffxiv posting, you all just spread the brain worms amongst yourselves

update: roommate hasn't said anything else about kicking us out, but i don't trust he isn't still thinking about it or that he won't just do it without warning us first

i also feel like he's going to use us potentially paying rent late as an opening to kick us out without seeming like it's actually because we asked him to stop letting his dogs surgery wounds get dirty, or that we asked him to stop letting her jump around and play directly above us at 2am

some commissions fell through and now i need help paying rent, which is $200

if anyone would be willing to help us out with rent, and with getting the hell out of here before we are Surprise Homeless, there's donation links in the post above

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Our queer little family of 3.2 is getting close to stability, but Jess got laid off and had a 2 week gap between jobs.

We've got a car payment overdue and the water/sewer bill due the 29th, rent we'll just pay the late fee

Currently at $60 of $300

This is a high amount, I know, we'd take all or part on as a loan if need be!

🚨Any boosts or assistance beyond appreciated!🚨

#mutualaid @mutualaid @mutual_aid

$app: glamorshark
venmo: @londonshine
revolut: @glamorshark

@bees the biggest part of the plan being burn as a base means i can also use the damage doublers to make combat hurt more, which makes jeska more attractive as a commander since she can come out late and help put the game over in my favor

@bees looking again, i'm coming back around on vial smasher / jeska

@bees yeah and vial smasher is cheap cmc-wise too. i may forego a partner cos none of the options seem very enticing to me

@bees yeah suggestions are fine. i'm looking at stuff that deals damage primarily so damage doublers work, but if there's anything that increases lifegain i'm interested too. i was also thinking of doing a vampire subtheme since its cheeky and there's some good group slug vampires already

@bees yeah but i don't wanna build a stax deck as much as i want to build a deck that deals a lot of damage in RB

@bees yeah its hard to build a list that drains people fast enough to really get things moving. i think its doäble it just won't win often

i really wanna build kaervek group slug but the more time i put into brewing it the less appealing it seems

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