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i bet socrates was just drawn like that, like those weird political cartoons with trump having abs for some reason. diogenes would fucking crush just about anyone

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foucault looks like the skinny guy that blows everyone away at the gym imo. but debord would try and tell me something about how weightlifting is fake and a product of the spectacle, and then call me an idiot

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hume definitely doesn't lift, and neither would hegel i think

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stirner probably does GOMAD so he'd be way up there, but marx seems like he doesn't lift a lot so he's automatically terrible

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judging philosophers based on what i think their 1RM would be

"Trying to become a better nihilist" is a sentence I never thought I would read. The number of times my eyes bug out of my skull when I'm on here is enough to give me eye trouble, I swear

@CyclopsCaveman lol that reminds me of a tumblr post about singing "heterosexual skeletons" to the tune of "spooky scary skeletons" and someone couldn't work out how to fit heterosexual into that cos they thought it had 6 syllables, then I read it out to my partner and said "who says it het-eh-row-sex-u-al" and she replied "the het-eh-row-sex-u-als" 😂

Asking for help, boosts welcomed! 35th B-day edition 

Hi! It's my b-day today and it's been very sad for a great number of reasons, along with the whole year... :_catsad:

IF YOU CAN, would you donate something to my physiotherapy fund at: pretty please? :blobaww:

Every cent helps help and is very welcome + appreciated! <3

I also have some tools for physio on my wishlist at:

Thank you very much! :blobcatheart:

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