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discussions around who gets to use what word masquerading as lgbt activism

my partner doesn't do social media so i have to post their jokes on their behalf for y'all to enjoy

cc: @flowless3

how old are you

how old are you?

People online’s favorite hobby is to not read and then get mad about it

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instance block rec, "free speech" instance, admin (@ derek @ posts extremely transphobic + homophobic shit & uses the f slur etc. found him in someone's replies harassing them. i can provide receipts if necessary

also it used to be a soapbox instance lol


are people actually getting mad about an age poll. why

"Everyone draws the line just below what they're doing" - Tom Scott

i wonder if they finally fixed that missing end quote i found on the sodastream page

this is mostly directed at the northerners that can't understand why the south wouldn't be prepared for the snow and ice, but it is not an excuse for a power company, whose job it is to make sure uptime is as high as possible, to not be prepared for snow and ice

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acting shocked when the region of the country that sees sub freezing temperatures in any severity enough to have significant amounts of snow and ice once every five years or so can't handle snow and ice

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