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white men will literally bring a core of radioactive material nearly to criticality instead of going to therapy

the classic prank is when you offer someone your hand, but then at the last moment pull it back and explode into a huge swarm of centipedes

everyone in metal gear rising, except senator armstrong, is gay

lifting weights πŸ‹οΈβ€β™‚οΈ with the bros (gone sexual) (no homo)

nsfw, bad 

'what you gonna do, bro'

'i'm gonna suck your dick bro'

'oh yeah? you gonna cup my balls too, bro?'

'yeah i'm gonna cup your fucking balls bro'

'yeah let's see you try bro. let's see you try to suck my dick bro and cup my balls'

'i'll fucking do it bro. i'll suck your dick bro'

i'd design a trump rally simulator but it already exists; its called 4chan

things i know about colophon:

-some kind of buddhist

the programming languages you really should be learning are cobol and fortran. everyone knows java. no-one is going to know what to do when the bank wants to update their systems and it turns out they're written in cobol and the last time anyone had a look at them was when nixon was president

Mildly lewd selfie 

Do I look straight enough in this picture? (Boosts fine as always)

boomer posting 

anyone who participated in all caps night was merely kinning billy mays

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