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ok, so there's a movie between seasons 4 and 5. that makes sense

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wait wait wait. they ended season 4 of daria like THAT and then everything is back to normal at the start of season 5? what the fuck

having to submit three forms of government ID and a urine sample to get people I've known for years on this site to accept a follow request because they can't be TOO careful when protecting their very sensitive posts like "I bet when Wario cums it sounds a'little something like this..."

trent: practice starts at seven
jane: trent, it's 9
trent: i better get going then

i love this show

Rationalist: Can you imagine a type of entity whose utility-function requires it to destroy all utility-functions except its own?

Me: You're just describing the CIA now

Rationalist: Hey! I write code for those guys >:(

I'm glad I can tell my wife "no I don't want to tell you what I just laughed at"


the girl reading this

can you teach an old dog... to turn tricks?! ruff! canine callgirls, next! on sick sad world

today i think i'll complain about recuperation as though it was The Left's fault

constantly frustrated by daria because daria and jane should be going out but they give the both of them boys as love interests instead

done grading so now I can talk about this more

this is good encapsulation of how individuality is a nonsense concept, in both the material and social sense

materially you have a system of transportation chosen by the gov't in DC, who decided over the course of the 20th century to base their public transport on the automobile, saving rail line for freight instead. roads are just another form of public transport because they are built by the government to transport the public. it's just that we have to buy a car in order to do it (and subsidize the car industry) and good luck if you want to do anything else.

but since you drive the car, it is seen as an aspect of freedom and choice, except for the fact that 1) nearly everyone needs a car, 2) you can only drive it on roads that go to specific locations, 3) you are looked on poorly if you cannot afford or reject the use of cars in favor of proper public transport. It's US individualism in which we always end up doing the same thing

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"you can't force me to take public transport" says person living in a country that forces you to take a car everywhere

this is also a good example of the structure-superstructure concept, in which the structure (the building of roads to facilitate transportation via the use of cars) helps create and support an ideological system (people in the US value and perpetuate individualism, a useful concept for the US style of settler capitalism)

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