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this is a subtle point & one i didn't go into before b/c when doing a dunk it's best to go for the clearest case rather than risk any dilution in your takedown, but any concept of 'human nature' as something that's unchanging in history and can be known and described, whatever the traits or moral valuations ascribed to it, is fundamentally reactionary

provisionally, this is b/c any movement that anchors itself in a perception of knowing what people 'are' or what they 'can be' will always end up enshrining the prejudices of its particular historical moment as facets of nature & be unable of confronting it. even if you think in principle there is such a thing as human nature, there would be no way for us to perceive it outside of our social context; and w/e is assigned to 'nature' is outside politics

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ultimately, it's because a view of people as having a permanent 'nature' of which things can be said makes us confront them as objects, as something knowable and controllable, and not as persons, not as potentialities capable of containing anything and of always doing otherwise

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anything that's genuinely 'human nature' would be imperceptible to us — if it's completely universal to human experience, then how could we point it out when there's nothing to compare it to? and if you can go against it, then it's neither nature nor universal. we might think an alien, say, could be able to look at humans and say what humans are like, but then that alien would only be speaking from its particular vantage point

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i think here of dostoyevsky on rebellion in the brothers karamazov: even in perfect paradise, people would still be driven to revolt simply to show they still can. if someone tells you that you are by nature selfish and greedy & can't do otherwise, will you not be kind simply to prove them wrong? or if you're told you have innate good, will you not sin just out of the presumption of trying to dictate to you all you can ever be?

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anyway 'human nature' in this sense is not compatible with marxism — dialectics mean 'being' as such is not accessible to us, only becoming; and materialism demands we take things as they appear and not elevate our ideas about what they should be like above that. fascism, however, loves human nature. so someone saying communism and fascism are both tyrannical & then going off about human nature tells us something we already knew: that this person is full of shit

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feel free to fill out customer service reports about the level of satisfaction you have with my posts and ill work with you to find a way where you dont have to see them anymore

its half past eight and i'm pouring sweat, that means run number seven on the half marathon plan is in the bag

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Rideshare drivers are striking today, July 21st. Midnight to midnight

satanists might get angry at me for this lol, but it's true 

the satanist-to-fascist pipeline is easy to explain when you remember how many satanists do not think about what they're doing beyond "debbil make daddy get big mad, me like when he angy"

once you want to start being an edgelord for attention, and find it fulfilling to do that simply because it makes other people angry, it becomes real easy to look at other symbols of evil that make people angry and go whole-hog into that because 'if it makes them angry, it's good! and i don't need to think any more about that!'.

is it true? kinda sorta. but what it definitely does do is make people think that means its a place they can say whatever bullshit they want, that it's a place they can just come in, spin up an instance, and join the conversation. and that is a recipe for the worst fedi experience you and everyone else on the network has ever had

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scorned Atheist invents a new type of protestantism that is reportedly "Worse than calvinism" -- Beyond Fucked - Theres Never seen anything like this.

my balls are enacting a dictatorship of the proletariat on my dick

the wise man bowed his head solemnly and said "theres no difference between communism and totalitarianism. you fool. you absolute moron"

the thing about lavey is:
(1) he looked cool
(2) he verifiably fucked
(3) he made money out of the whole thing

so by his own standards he was eminently successful

Weird how since the dawn of time all human religions have been pretty much identical to the single religion I have any real experience with.

to appeal to the young the catholic church should just foreground the aesthetic. 'the church is made from bones and gold. we keep a thousand-year old human heart in there & touching it sometimes cures diseases'

goatse is the most influential image of the last 20 years they ought to put it in the MOMA

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