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mutual aid request, income issues 

i do actually really need money to make it through the next couple weeks so if anyone has anything to throw my way and feels so inclined,

i am working retail during the pandemic and have been struggling to make ends meet bc i've been getting so few hours and on top of that got screwed out of my $200 bonus i was supposed to get as an incentive to work during pandemic

my kofi is
my cash app is $xenocat
and my venmo is @xenocat

came across some videos of a street skater on youtube and the funniest part is all the people in the comments acting like him waxing up and skating on a bench is a high crime

It's absolutely OK to make fun of people taking ivermectin. "You have to understand many working class people are suspicious of big pharma" is a dog shit argument because Merck makes Ivermectin and has been talking about merging with Pfizer for years now.

cranking out a filler arc, if you know what i mean

now accepting pitches for the fediverse filler arc, we gotta get through this lull before the next tournament plotline

on the next episode of mastodon: the local witch community gets racist. meanwhile, the monads all change their avatars to ikea furniture

i kin the cheshire cat because i too make insanely inflammatory statements just to watch people flail around hopelessly attempting to punish me while i laugh

[checks mastodon] oh, colophon's doing the human pet guy impression again. i hate reruns

money - - - 

for fucks sake, I said this knowing overdraft was coming out today, and I'd put aside money for it, and this month it's like £2 more??! Pushing us over overdraft, where they threaten more fees because of course they do.

(Err, relatedly if anyone could paypal me like £1 so I can avoid that that would be grand <3)

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