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nd trans woman needs help with bills, meds, pls boost!! 

hey im sam, im autistic, adhd, trans, and unemployed. i need 200 dollars to keep my power turned on this month and 60 to get my adhd meds filled. anything helps!! pls boost so others can see i need all the help i can get

cashapp: $digitalcreature

#TransCrowdFund #mutualaid #mutualaidrequest

one of the best skills ive picked up, as someone who's had a lot of closeted trans friends, is being really good at constructing natural-sounding sentences that avoid referring to the person in question with pronouns entirely

thinking about how the ultima games have a spell in them that kills everyone else in the world, rendering the game unwinnable, and also n64 game shadow madness does this for some reason

colophon was a hipster in a previous phase of life theory

@CyclopsCaveman @Colophonscrawl @deathtoamerica Kevlar was literally invented because a guy kept getting shot at while delivering pizzas

pizza guys can achieve so much more than cops

I have been forced into realizing there are people who complain about their food orders being wrong, on Twitter, in public. Thinking of @deathtoamerica saying retail workers should be allowed to murder one free person a month, maybe a week. I say we expand that to delivery drivers

i should have another batch coming real soon too, so its about time for cuts from tivit

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highlights: deadly dispute: a six dollar common, academy manufactor, time sieve, illusion of choice, grim hireling, and my number one fave: magister of worth

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when your bro busts in on you jackin off and finishes you off before you thats called a

Urgent Mutual aid, not for me (photo includes a selfie with ec) 

Jermaine needs urgent and ongoing community support!!!
This past year has been really hard for him and he really can use all the help that is available. Jermaine is a great person who has helped uplift so many others and deserves to be taken care of and uplifted.

He is moving out of NYC and needs to reach about $3000 by the 27 for a uhaul and other moving expenses
Cashapp: jermainepartyplanner
Venmo: jermaine-greaves

#mutualaid #blackdisabledlivesmatter

Mutual Aid, Not for me. 

Urgent and ongoing support is needed for Precious

She needs another $200-300 on top of the $500 goal for back rent


Death, begpost, please boost 

(Repost because the Venmo handle wasn’t working) My disabled single mother is very low on money and needs support! Her aunt had a stroke and is dying of cancer and she only has two days to visit her, unfortunately, in order to do this she has to miss work which she can’t afford to do. She needs $500 to make up for lost wages in order to visit her aunt before she dies.
Her PayPal is 
0/500 raised #mutualaid #disabledcrowdfund #begpost

I think some people from outside NY just think NY style means greasy as fuck. I just saw a fool complaining there's no NY style pizza in town now that a place that sold disgustingly oily slices closed. Please just drink olive oil like a normal person.

whos mike hemical and whys everyone so hyped for his relationships

i just realized that when i very first made this account i created a list called "normies" and i just clicked on it.

it's blank.

'cause none of y'all are fuckin' normal.

two years ago i offhandedly mentioned being on mastodon in conversation with a friend and they said, 'isn't that website for nazis'. at the time i thought that was unfair

God is kinned. God remains kinned. And we have kinned him. How shall we comfort ourselves, the kinnies of all kinnies? What was holiest and mightiest of all that the world has yet shipped has been slashed in our fics; who will delete this bit's avatar off us? What local is there for us to post exclusively on? What onion, what venn diagram shall we have to invent? Is not the gayness of this deed too queer for us? Must we ourselves not be kinned simply to appear worthy of it?

the phrase "sweet Jesus" implies the existence of a sour Jesus, a bitter Jesus, a salty Jesus, and an umami Jesus

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