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Now, I know that many folks On Here will ask for a solution to this issue and I actually have one. Like many solutions in my area of expertise, it is not a technical solution but it may be just as hard.

Ask yourself why "build your own instance" is your first response to someone who points out that they find it to be their full selves in a given space. Ask yourself why your suggestion is for them to leave? As yourself what that accomplishes.

Then get back to me.

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I have resisted making plain this meaning because, to me, it seemed too harsh. I wanted to give mastodonians the benefit of the doubt. However, as a great thinker once said "when someone shows you who they are, believe them." And one of the things that "build your own instance" shows me is the degree to which mastodonians are willing to tolerate some people in their social spaces.

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To be clear, whether mastodonians intend to reinforce this perspective is immaterial: the suggestion has the practical and affective force of telling those of us who level critiques that the fediverse will not shift its norms to enable a plurality of ways of being.

As a result, we might as well pack it in because our full selves are not welcome in community with others.

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"Build your own instance," in essence, is a refusal to consider the possibility that we'd like to be our whole selves in community with others, rather than having to build our own walled gardens. On this view, it becomes a doubling down on the unacceptability for certain people to be authentically themselves within a digital social space.

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I have written some what at length about why "build your own instance" is not an ideal solution for many communities; however, I would like to put all of that aside to make clear a point I thought was too simple to be mentioned.

The entire point of the critique is because we wish to exist in the same space as others as our full selves, and not some sanitized version limited by norms of conduct.

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If I had maybe five dollars every time someone suggested "build your own instance" as a solution to any problem encountered on the fediverse, I might not need student loan forgiveness.

That aside, before you're tempted to respond to a critique of the fediverse with "build your own instance," consider that the suggestion is a polite way of saying "go the fuck away?"

Personally I love diving right into a massive, heaving, steaming pile of pussy? I thought it was a community exercise! Like team building. Are .social anti-cohesion now??

if you can't read you're getting blocked

I'm glad we're starting to have a wider conversation surrounding racism and especially anti-Blackness on the Fedi.

But I feel like a lot of it could be better.

I see a lot of white people partaking in the conversation in a way that derails it, centering themselves and their experiences, explaining racism to POCs, and the like.

So please, if you are not Black, don't have conversations with Black folks about anti-Blackness.

However, do call out your friends on their racist bullshit. Do not wait for us to point it out. I don't want to be the only one to say that shit is not okay. It must come from you people as well.

I would also appreciate if you boosted posts made BY POCs rather than by white people. I see a lot of this stuff. It signals that you don't value our feelings and opinions but rather our oppressors' opinions on our struggles

I would also like non-Black admins to take a stand on anti-Black racism by not just suspending racist accounts on their own instances, but also by defederating from pro-cop, anti-Black and generally racist servers.

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noöne's forcing you to read books or memorise all this history but, by the same token, noöne's forcing you to have Takes on it either. you could just say 'i'm an ancom because i feel anarchist forms of organising have greater potential to bring societal change' or whatever. that would still be debatable (i'd specifically ask why you feel the name attached to the organising efforts is more important than what they're pragmatically doing) but you wouldn't be grounding your beliefs in this manichaean mythology of good freedom-loving communism vs bad authoritarian communism

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see, you say that, but it does not seem like you really do when you're also repeating trotsky's concept of degenerate workers' states being taken over by bureaucratic cliques

the best thing humans ever invented was the toilet. sorry sliced bread, central plumbing kicks your ass

next thing you know dot social is gonna ban someone for saying guillotine terfs

it does not feel like whoever it is pressing the buttons there is remotely familiar with the community or even the rules they're supposed to be enforcing (deleting a post that contains no media for sexually explicit media?)

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gargleballs: hello as ceo of twitsodon i declare no more sex. move yuor sex to u sinners. mastodo.socrates is for crustaceans only

your post has been removed for violating one or more of's community guidelines.

Rule 7: No sexually explicit content.

here is the post that got removed:

hhow is babby formed

mastodon is a chraistian webbsite. ther e will be NO SE X here. we are not filthy sinners.

i for one applaud the decision to eject everyone who knows what sex is from mastodon dot social. about time to give the freaks the boot (non-sexual)!

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