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fucked up some people out there just had a normal childhood

do you think the jedi use the force to whack off since they aren't allowed wives

My interpretation of "bisexual lesbianism" has always been best summarized as: "If you are a Dude she's interested in, she'll let you know, not the other way around"

i wish i could straight up remove one of the bottom row buttons or replace it with a toot button in ivory, that would be nice

slightly more on the annoying side is that it shows you how many followers people have when you view boosts or favs. please stop seeing everything as a numbers game.

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the funniest part of the ivory app is that there's a tab with a graph of your interactions and metrics.
i dont know a single person who would want this.

every masto app is like this for me too, i just keep finding things toot! is way better at doing presently. some of it is aesthetic or can be gotten used to but a couple are always dealbreakers

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also i'd like to be able to switch one of my tabs to be local, the current options are nice but a little limited imo. its weird to go all the way to the search menu then to the local tl

also ivory seems to jump to a new window for revealing cwd content which is fine but it really breaks the flow. part of what i like about cws is they can be unfolded just as a part of browsing the tl

also i really don't like the way ivory handles vertical pics with all that whitespace to the right. i think it'd look better if it was centered in the body of the post but idk

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